Landing Page Design

Failory is a community of founders learning together. They share interviews with founders of failed and thrived startups, articles about entrepreneurship, and curated content to help people build better businesses.

The challenge was to design an eye-catching homepage. Today, there are multiple communities dedicated to entrepreneurs. My focus was to stand out since the first impression.

Failory, unlike other communities, has additional resources for founders such as the business profile and products. Visually, I wanted to separate these community attributes so the Failory proposal can be more attractive for its members.

The member's section was also relevant. The members define the success or failure of a community. I designed a block that highlights the members and companies that participate in Failory.

The logo allowed me to try different colors. Black and gray were the most suitable. This flexibility of colors allowed me to design a clean interface, focused on showcasing the content of the community.